Corporate Environment

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If a meeting is what's brining you to south Florida, then let us create a unique corporate environment that your attendees will focus towards, and rely upon throughout their stay. With custom check in materials, to printed collateral, all the way to your meeting space, your common message will be prevalent to your attendees.

For your daytime meeting functions, we can provide a variety of elements for your meeting environment, such as:

Stage sets
Theater design
Corporate theater
Sound & Lighting
Concierge staffing
Motivational speakers
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With our creative staff and crew, we can custom design a stage set to fit within your program theme and/or goals. Complete with podium surrounds, screen surrounds, stage set, carpeting, etc., we can tie the entire thing together seamlessly, and providing a total visual focal points to your attendees.

Need a pick-me-up? We can feature our aerobics instructors who come in during coffee breaks, leading passive exercises, to effectively re-generate your attendees, and yet not get too winded or sweaty! Not your cup of tea (literally), then let us bring a themed coffee cart, complete with cappuccino, espresso, Cuban coffee, and yes a variety of teas!

For your on property evening functions, again, we can provide a variety of elements to ensure an exciting and dynamic event; from a vibrant outdoor welcome reception, all the way to black tie gala, with named entertainment. let us show you our creativity! Just some of the elements we can provide are:
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